Current Group

If you're interested in joining the wonderful group below as a graduate student or postdoc, please check the Opportunities page and get in touch.

Eloise Littley

PhD student, Rapid CO2 and climate change, North Atlantic

Molly Trudgill

PhD student, Boron isotopes in the rock record, method development

Maddie Shankle

PhD student, Southern Ocean CO2 and dynamics

Dr Hana Jurikova

PDRA, isotope geochemistry, evaporites OldCO2NewArchives

Heidi Block

Picking lab manager

Dr Matt Dumont

PDRA, isotope and trace element geochemistry, OldCO2NewArchives

Dr James Barnet

PDRA, paleoclimate records, OldCO2NewArchives

Dr Ross Whiteford

PDRA, geochemical modelling, OldCO2NewArchives

Dr Bob Steele

Research Officer, STAiG lab

Dr Joe Stewart

visiting PDRA, Bristol, high resolution climate records from deep sea corals

Wayne Strojie

joint PhD student, Yale, long-term ocean pH change

Ellen MacDonald

joint PhD student, Glasgow, Coraline algae as archives of ocean acidification

Former Group Members

Dr Antoine Cremiere

PDRA, now at Caltech

Dr Will Gray

PDRA, now at LSCE

Dr Rosanna Greenop

PDRA, now at EPSRC

Dr Rhian Rees-Owen

PDRA, now Climate Science advisor, UK Government

Dr Ben Taylor

PhD 2018, now Science advisor, UK Government

Dr Dan Nita

Research Officer, now at Babes-Bolyai University

Kathryn Moore

Technician, now PhD student at Colorado State

Dr Wei-Li Hong

PDRA, now Assistant Professor, Stockholm University

Jess Crumpton-Banks

PhD 2020, now Postdoc NUI Galway

Sophie Nuber

PhD 2020 (joint w Cardiff), now Postdoc National Taiwan University