Dr James Rae

School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

University of St Andrews

My group studies Earth's carbon cycle and climate. To do this we use and develop geochemical proxies of past environmental conditions, run computer models that mimic ocean circulation and biogeochemistry, and go to sea to study our changing oceans. I also give regular public shows and workshops on climate change.

About me

I am an Earth Scientist, motivated by the major goal of advancing our understanding of the carbon cycle and climate. Much of my work investigates Earth's past climate history using geochemical measurements on archives including sediments, fossils, and ice cores. I work in the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of St Andrews, where I have a state of the art isotope geochemistry lab. I also teach classes in geochemistry, oceanography, and climate.

I studied Earth Sciences as an undergraduate at the University of Oxford, where I worked with Gideon Henderson and Alex Thomas. I did my PhD with Gavin Foster, Tim Elliott, and Daniela Schmidt at the University of Bristol, where I also worked as a Postdoc with Andy Ridgwell. I then moved to Caltech as NOAA Climate & Global Change fellow, working with Jess Adkins and John Eiler, before taking up a faculty position at the University of St Andrews.

Outside work, I enjoy getting outside, eating delicious food, all sorts of sports, reading, and occasionally playing the bagpipes.

You can follow me on Twitter @mudwaterclimate

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Postal Address: School of Earth and Environmental SciencesUniversity of St AndrewsBute BuildingQueen's TerraceSt AndrewsFifeKY16 9TSUK
Lab Address: STAiG labsPurdie BuildingNorth HaughKY16 9ST